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Friday, July 10, 2009

love story

She was an absolute dreamer and he was a true imagination. Her heart was entirely bruised by those unappreciative people that had been walking in and out from her life without a slight of sympathy interred beneath their soul. She was alone and worst, she was hankering for love that everyone was talking about. Happiness was something that she could not get. All she ever wanted is to love and to be loved. All she ever wanted is to know what 'love' supposed to mean. In return, she got herself agonize. How could that possibly be wrong? She was pervaded with desperation and that is when he walked into her life. To her, he was an angel sent by god and to him, she may be a start of a new something. She was dying and that he had been her all time hero. Her dull life alters with just a blink to something perfectly good. He was the one to be blamed. Their love started to smear so undeniably wonderful with an eccentric ways that they have build together. The chemistry that they had got themselves into was too powerful to be called silly. Although he was currently breathing in a different atmosphere and he was apparently standing thousands of miles away from her, the power of their love was a complete remedy for everything or anything. Obstacles were their best friends. What matters the most was that , they both would have their heart stick together to fight back with the torments that came rushing them. They were madly in love. Words could not express their integrity of what bonds they had created. Even so, only words could make them closer. Action was invisible. As months flew by, she started to realize how important he was to her. However, that was not enough. She wanted more from him and that would only hurt him. She wanted a first date, a first kiss, a first touch that winds up the relationship that had came across to her bare eyes that was burning with jealousy. She wanted a normal relationship that he could not give. Still and all, she just knew she could not bare to leave him. Tears were rushing for all that she could remember. She was devastated by the love that leads her to insanity. Her heart was crushed into small pieces whenever he took what she wished for granted. Her wishes was all about him, just him. Their love was stepping into a state of misery. And so, she was apparently breathless and entirely weak. She wanted to reach out her hand for him, to make him stay, but he was reckless enough to turn back as he was walking away..

the end.