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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


' I shall blow the wind away from you if that wind could only hassle you, walk thousands of miles through the steaming days and chilly nights just to reach out my arms for you, or maybe, jump in front of the bullet just so that it had to go through me before it even sees you. I'd do anything for you, for just only one thing that is . . . Your smile, my love. " Those were the words that were still dangling in my eardrums when he whispered calmly through my ears while his hazel eyes were locked firmly at my weary eyes. I felt that my entire body was about to fall apart as if my spine was no longer functional. The bones that were supposed to support my body are now just too soft to even support itself. My hands were trembling along with my other body parts until his hands were locked around my waist just to soothe me out. The lump that stuck between my throat and mouth was the reason why that there was no words to be spoken. My heart was pumping so hard which i fear that it could burst any moment now. He knew that i was wordless, he just knew that he is my one true weakness, but he did it again. He made me love him again.

The awkward silence lasted for a few minutes when he tugged me closer to where his fist-sized heart was beating unconsciously. The delicate minutes were only filled with only gazes from each other. He leaned his gorgeous face towards mine and that is when his exquisite red lips took control. His lips were even better than marijuana or any obsessive drugs that i could name it. Everything about him simply jolted my every nerves. He was too perfect to be called a human. For a moment there, everything was just too perfect to be called reality. It was more like a fairytale that every girl would be dreaming off.. what i've been dreaming off. The gleaming moon and the twinkling stars were the witness for this terrific night. I will give my everything just to keep this night fresh. He was my prince charming that i've been believing in and he was in front of me, standing like an authentic angel. I just knew that i can never get bored of this divine masterpiece from god as a gift for me.

' i love you. ' I had finally spill the words out, ignoring the lumps that were still twisted along the way. All my left-out strengths had finally came back from the dead just when i needed it. The corner of his lips were now creased a bit, assuming that it was a smile. A beautiful smile that was. His warm palm was brushing through my cheeks, apparently diminishing all those things that i should be doing by now. I almost forgotten that it was already late and i should probably be towed by the real dream by now. The moon is now just too sleepy to witness anything further than this. It was not really an eye-opener to me knowing that this magnificent creature never fails to mesmerize me. There was something about him that is far stronger than the gravity to me. I remember clenching my heart with words that kept on alleging that he is too good to be true and i, just don't deserve any of this.

to be continued

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